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Saturday 25 September 20219.30 - 4.00 Emergency First Aid in the Workplace with Ian Dixon - IN PERSON


Ian Dixon joins us once again to offer this HSE approved training

Valid for 3 years. Certification provided.

Please bring your own light lunch.


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Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October 2021Sat 10.00-4.00, Sun 9.30-3.30 Habits, Biases and Beliefs - A weekend with Peter Blackaby - IN PERSON

Dates moved from July 2021!

Habits biases and beliefs.


It has been said that up to ninety five percent of our behaviour is acted out unconsciously, this is profoundly  useful as it economises our movement and thinking. Unconscious  behaviour  or habits come in two main categories those we seek to enhance or maintain like walking, driving or writing etc. Other habits we seek to disrupt, there are obvious ones like smoking or drinking but also tightening our shoulders or jaw, or getting angry or tearful inappropriately. 

In this workshop I will suggest there are three main ways habits arrive; Ambient habits, those that seep into us from our surrounding environment , Conditioned habits, those we are led to believe are good for us, and traumatic habits, the response we develop when something happens to us that overwhelms our ability to maintain equilibrium. In understanding the nature of the habits we have formed we can develop better strategies to deal with them.

Please bring your own lunch.

Limited spaces for bed and breakfast are available. Please enquire. 


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Saturday 20 November - Sunday 21 November 2021Sat 10.00 - 4.15 and Sun 10.00 - 12.30 Deeper Still - A Weekend Exploring Consciousness through Sensation with John Stirk - ONLINE

Deeper Still

A Workshop Exploring Consciousness through Sensation

The reality of yoga proposes that we are asleep and yet to awaken to an abiding sense of total­ity. Initially developed to transcend our condi­tioning, yoga demanded an austere approach. The exercises are effective but the problem of conditioned minds is deeply embedded. For some, the reality may be the pleasure of the bodywork, for others it may be a deepening sense of self, or a shift in habitual behaviour. The philosophy not the bodywork has sus­tained yoga’s appeal over many centuries. At its core, yoga’s reality confronts and tran­scends our limits. We are aware of the physi­cal limitations but generally unaware of the limitations of a conditioned consciousness. Addressing the problem of us takes more than bodywork, but our attraction to the sensory aspect can be used as a door to a deeper and sustainable transformation on other levels.

From Deeper Still    by John Stirk

This practical workshop highlights the potential for transformation by approaching  consciousness through the sensory aspect of simple physical attitudes.

Suitable for all levels.

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Saturday 11 December 202111.00 - 3.00 Introduction to Inversions with Monica Voss - ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Introduction to Inversions - RESCHEDULED FROM 12 SEPTEMBER

Practising inverted postures will be easier with a repertoire of preparatory stretches and active breathing techniques. And if inversions are far from your mind, join this session to increase your upper body fluidity and gain confidence weight bearing through your wrists, arms and shoulders. We will include spinal release, breath practice, meditation and relaxation.

Monica joins us annually from her home in Canada - this year we have the pleasure of welcoming her back again via the power of ZOOM. 


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