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4 October 201918.15 - 20.15 Slow Down, Drop in, Let Go with Julie Robinson

A yin yoga and restorative practice for Autumn

The season of autumn is associated with the element of metal and its qualities of condensing energy, it’s moving downwards and slowing towards stillness.

Following the bright yang active season of summer, the arrival of autumn may draw us to seek warmth, nourishment, rest and replenishment. As the leaves and temperatures fall and the earth offers its harvest, we can begin to turn our attention inwards to restore balance.
This season guides us to work with the lungs and large intestine as representatives of the metal element. As paired organs, they work to receive and release through the systems of respiration and elimination and represent the giving and receiving, arising and passing of the cycle of life.

The session will include breathwork, meditation, yin, restorative and slow explorations in yoga and relaxation.

All are welcome for this floor based practice.

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Sept - November 2020TBC BWY Ayurveda Module with Tarik Dervish and Cathy Mae Karelse

Jasmine Trust is pleased to host this exciting 6-day programme, offered by Tarik Dervish and Cathy Mae Karelse.

This training in the basic principles of Ayurveda is particularly useful for experienced yoga students, those who are already teaching yoga, or those who plan to become yoga teachers in the future,and will run over three weekends from September to November 2020.

Dates in 2020:

Sept 5th and 6th, Oct 3rd and 4th, Nov 14th and 15th

By the end of the training, you will have:

  1. Studied the 5 element theory of Samkhya philosophy
  2. Examined the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  3. Explored the 20 Gunas or Qualities of Ayurveda
  4. Learned about the Ayurvedic Daily and Seasonal routines
  5. Considered basic Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology
  6. Surveyed the world of Marma (Sensitive zones)
  7. Investigated some key foods and herbs that can be used to enhance general health.

Cost: Early bird £540 by June 30th 2020.

          £600 thereafter (plus £60 BWY registration fee)

For more information, please email Tarik and Cathy at [email protected]

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