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Saturday 11 July 20209.30 - 3.00 Teacher Training Introductory Day - VIA ZOOM

Please see our Teacher Training Day for details

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Sept - November 2020TBC BWY Ayurveda Module with Tarik Dervish and Cathy Mae Karelse

Jasmine Trust is pleased to host this exciting 6-day programme, offered by Tarik Dervish and Cathy Mae Karelse.

This training in the basic principles of Ayurveda is particularly useful for experienced yoga students, those who are already teaching yoga, or those who plan to become yoga teachers in the future,and will run over three weekends from September to November 2020.

Dates in 2020:

Sept 5th and 6th, Oct 3rd and 4th, Nov 14th and 15th

By the end of the training, you will have:

  1. Studied the 5 element theory of Samkhya philosophy
  2. Examined the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  3. Explored the 20 Gunas or Qualities of Ayurveda
  4. Learned about the Ayurvedic Daily and Seasonal routines
  5. Considered basic Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology
  6. Surveyed the world of Marma (Sensitive zones)
  7. Investigated some key foods and herbs that can be used to enhance general health.

Cost: Early bird £540 by June 30th 2020.

          £600 thereafter (plus £60 BWY registration fee)

For more information, please email Tarik and Cathy at [email protected]

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October 202010.00-4.00 / 9.00 - 2.00 Sensation and Consciousness with John Stirk

An Original Body Workshop with John Stirk

We study the body but cannot help but be students of the mind. As we work with the finer elements of sensation, the mind is ever present rarely if ever switching itself off. How can we engage this continuum of activity to enhance insight and understanding? The body houses consciousness, minds and selves and may be approached accordingly.  Each sensory nuance and realization has a psychological and emotional counterpart. The unitive experience provides the essence of yoga. We cannot divide the indivisible. This practical workshop will include discussion on the physiological, psychological and emotional insight that arises as we work together. 

We will use the following as an open guide;

  • The Group field - the Physiology and Psychology of groups

  • An approach most suited for addressing the conditioned ego

  • Consciousness in Western Terms - Dynamic Consciousness

  • Sensation and Heightened Consciousness - The Skin - The presence of the Heart

  • The Nature of Attention

  • Emotion insight and Wisdom

  • Process, what comes up in group work?

  • Dividing the Indivisible

  • Materiality and Non-materiality and the nature of experience 

  • The Body as the Mind

Timings will be Saturday 10.00am - 4.30pm, Sunday 9.30am - 3.30pm

John Stirk is one of the UK’s leading Yoga teachers. With a background in Osteopathy, his influences include R.D.Laing, J Krishnamurti and Hatha Yoga. He has followed with interest, the innovative  approaches to body mind work coming out of the USA and Northern Europe for almost a century. His predominant inspiration arises from an experiential enquiry into the nature of consciousness in relation to physical sensation. John teaches and runs courses for teachers in the UK and internationally and has authored several books, notably’ The Original Body’


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Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 November 202010-4/ 9.30 -3.15 Exercise, Performance, Play and Yoga with Peter Blackaby

Exercise, Performance, Play and Yoga.

When we look at modern yoga we can be forgiven for asking what is the difference between yoga and exercise, or yoga and acrobatics or yoga and just having fun with your body. In this workshop I would like to put forward the idea that it is about intention.

With exercise our intention is to affect Structure, either to become stronger, more flexible or to improve our cardiovascular capacity. With Performance it is to master a particular physical skill, It could look a lot like yoga as some gymnastics does, or it might not, 

Playing a musical instrument is also a performance requiring attentive repetition in the same way that yoga does. Or we can play around with our bodies and do cartwheels, or roly poly’s just for the fun of it. The question I am asking is when does our movement become yoga and when is it something else? In this weekend we will try and sift out what is significant about yoga and how we approach our teaching to reflect this.

Please bring your lunch.


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